Video – First steps with Doxxy

This 3,5 minute video shows you how fast Doxxy is up and running.

  1. Introduction Doxxy
  2. Create a folder
  3. Create a Document
  4. Insert SQL-statements
  5. Create a Template
  6. Upload a Template
  7. Preview the report
Demo – Doxxy @ Work

To see Doxxy at work, have a look at this demo application.
It gives you a clear view of the main features of Doxxy.

Doxxy manual (NL)

Please find the Doxxy manual in Dutch.

Doxxy manual (ENG)

Please find the Doxxy manual in English.

Examples of reports

Find 3 different kinds of reports here.

How-to: Start up quickly

Learn how you quickly generate a document.

How-to: Generate & download a report

Discover why generating reports and documents with Doxxy is easy as 1-2-3.

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